10 Best Countries for Foodies Who Love to Travel

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Wondering which destinations should be on the bucket lists of every foodie in 2022? Well, if you are ready to experiment with new foods and flavours on luxury food holidays, consider visiting the following culinary hotspots of the world. If you’re a foodie who loves travelling, this is the list for you. You can find some of the world’s most beautiful and diversified cuisine in these ten countries. 

  • Italy

It’s safe to say that everything tastes ten times better in Italy, where the chefs are inspired by centuries of culinary tradition and use an abundance of locally sourced fresh ingredients like herbs, spices, and olive oil. Go on a wine tour in Tuscany, visit any fishing village on the Amalfi Coast, and enjoy a glass of local wine before the sunset. It will be a memorable day!

  • Japan

The seafood found in Japan is one of a kind. It is easy to get addicted to sushi, made of freshly caught fish and prepared by the best chefs in the world just right in front of you at the restaurant. Besides trying out different foods, make sure to experience the tea ceremony, which is such an essential part of the local culture.

  • Mexico  

Mexico is another spot where foodies can enjoy an endless feast of flavours, colours, spices, and music, especially if they’re musically inclined. Take a trip to Mexico City, a city that oozes colourful aromas, tastes, and noises. Go to a beach resort on the Coast of California Sur and eat on the sand while watching the sunset if you want to keep things low-key. It’s not just the food that’s bursting with flavour in Mexico; it’s the culture, people, and nature as well.

  • Argentina 

Argentina is one of the most enjoyable (and delicious) bucket list travel experiences. People in this tango-loving country seem to have a good sense of how to enjoy life and all that it has to offer. You’ll get a taste of how powerful Argentine culture is when you eat a juicy steak with a glass of local red wine in a tango-themed restaurant. 

  • India

Want to take your luxury food holidays to the next level? Visit a country whose vibrant culture is sure to take your breath away. Indian cuisine is noted for its spiciness and vegetarianism, making it a popular choice for travellers. Despite the fact that Indian cuisine has become popular all over the world, the country’s unique flavours will be revealed through a variety of new dishes when you eat with the locals. 

  • France 

You won’t be disappointed no matter where you go in France because of its rich culture, old buildings, and diverse food. It’s nearly impossible not to enjoy French cuisine once you’ve tried it. 

From Mediterranean herb-inspired cuisine in the south and fresh seafood in the north of the country to upscale cafés in Paris, there are so many eateries to try.  

When looking for something truly distinctive, you can always have a glass of local wine to accompany your meal. If you have hired one of the luxury travel companies, you can also ask them to take you to the best food spots in the country.  

  • Turkey 

Turkish cuisine is a successful synthesis of Central Asian, Middle Eastern, Balkan, and Eastern European flavours. It is more diverse than that of most other countries in the Middle East and Central Asia. Whether you’re here for a long vacation or a short backpacking trip, there are countless reasons to visit Turkey, and one of the best is the excellent cuisine. Turkey’s cuisine is comparable to, yet distinct from, that of its Greek neighbour in that it often includes loaves of bread, cheeses, olive oils, and chillies.

  • Spain 

The cuisine in this country is one of the most diverse in the Mediterranean, which is why checking out the food scene in Spain should be on top of your bucket list travel experiences. From world-famous bacon delicacies to Arab-inspired cuisine and the finest wines, there is something for everyone here. A trip to Spain isn’t complete until you’ve had a taste of the diverse Spanish cuisine.

  • Thailand

Tourism is the lifeblood of the country, drawing visitors from all over the world to see the ancient ruins and unspoiled Coastline. While high-end restaurants offer delectable food and ambience that is second to none, don’t forget to experience the street food scene in Thailand. Eat at street vendors and small shops in the surrounding neighbourhoods. Eating out can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Thailand. 

  • USA 

The USA is another country with a plethora of unique cultures, cuisines, blends, and mash-ups. People from all around the world have contributed to the American food business. Restaurants in big cities like New York and Chicago are hip and compete to see who can be the most inventive and off-the-wall. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, the healthy lifestyle reigns supreme, providing delectable alternatives. The USA  food scene has something for everyone. 

These are our top ten picks for the countries with the most happening food scene. If you are looking for the perfect vacation, professional luxury travel companies may be able to assist you. Opt for a travel company that allows you to customise your travelling plans. Happy Travelling.

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