Pet-Friendly RV Camping Guide

If you’re planning your next big outdoor getaway, do you intend to bring a pet along? If so, there are a few things owners must do to make sure the trip has no tribulations along the way. By following these steps, your vacation with your furry friend exploring the wilderness by your side will be memorable for all the right reasons.

For starters, this is a good time to prepare for an emergency in the case of one. Gather essential information such as proof of ownership, a current photo, and medical records. Speaking of medical records, owners should ensure that their pet is up to date on their vaccinations. A visit to the vet could also provide your pet with tick protection and other preventative medicines. In the same vein, a first aid kid should be assembled before departure. Consider the local fauna, upcoming weather forecasts, and nearest veterinary hospital when packing.

When planning your journey, owners must be aware of the policies and guidelines regarding pets where they are headed. Certain parks may have restrictions on which breeds and how many pets are allowed, as well as additional fees.

Next, pack accordingly depending on your destination. Packing items like food, medications and leashes are no-brainers, but if you are headed to a campground and plan to do a lot of activities, it would be wise to pack items such as booties, life jackets, and harnesses so your pet is fully equipped to traverse the elements with you. Another thing to consider: make sure you pack a healthy supply of clean drinking water, since the water where you are headed may not be suitable to consume.

Finally, while it may be tempting to allow your pet freedom to move about your car or RV, this behavior could lead to unnecessary injury. It’s advised that owners dedicate a confined but comfortable space for the pet to stay during travel. Other options include crating your pet or securing them into a seat with a harness, much like a seatbelt. If traveling with a trailer, the pet should not be left alone but rather be attended by the owner in the tow vehicle.

For even more information and tips to make sure your pet has as good of a time as you, please see the accompanying guide provided by Parts Via.

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