Simple Tips to Stay Comfortable in a Long Flight

Long flights can make you impatient. The excitement of embarking upon your holiday can be difficult to contain. Also, if you suffer from “fear of flying” or aerophobia, you may even need something to calm and soothe your nerves, especially during take-off and landing. The best way to deal with this is to make your journey as relaxing as possible. You can perhaps begin by choosing an airline that scores in this department. Here are some more measures to undertake for a comfortable flying experience.

Booking a Suitable Seat in Advance

Check for the available seats online. Even in the economy class, some seats are way superior to others. Consider booking an aisle seat if you have claustrophobia. If you wish to take a good nap for most of your 3 hours long Delhi to Chennai flight, for instance, take a window seat so that you can lean against the window or the wall and enjoy napping. Consider an airline that has ergonomically designed seats, with higher seat pitch, greater recline, and much more legroom for enhanced comfort.

Bulkhead seats, the ones right behind the curtains, and exit row seats are the ones to choose for extra legroom. However, never opt for the exit row if you are traveling with an infant or a toddler. With a tiny tot in tow, you will end up blocking the exit door, should there be an emergency.

The choice of the right seat goes a long way in ensuring comfort on the flight.

Dressing Suitably

Making a style statement on an aircraft is not as important as slipping on something comfortable and cozy. Tight clothing can cause serious agony on a flight. Your footwear also needs to spell comfort. Heels or even flip-flops may not be ideal unless you are on a short route like a Chennai to Cochin flight. Long-distance flying needs sneakers or covered canvas shoes for easy mobility. Consider pairing these with compression socks to improve circulation in the legs during long hours of sitting.

Carrying a light shrug or a zip-up hoodie is advised since flight interiors can become too cool for comfort at times. And if you are taking a Chennai to Delhi flight in the winter season, a hoodie alone may not suffice. Keep a warmer jacket inside your handbag. You will need it the moment you alight from the plane.

Carrying a Neck Pillow

A neck pillow can go a long way in ensuring proper neck and head support during a long flight. It is an absolute necessity if you plan to sleep during your travel. Inflatable ones may not be best. Some airlines may offer neck pillows on long-haul flights for an extra charge. Ask in advance. You may also wish to carry a small blanket for snuggling into.

You can also choose an airline that offers a complimentary selection of delicious food and beverages, despite highly competitive airfare.

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