What Should I Pack For a European Cruise?

As worldwide travel slowly resumes after more than a year and a half of the ongoing global pandemic, cruise trips and tourism are making a cautious comeback. There is no better way to relieve the stress of the pandemic and constant lockdowns/quarantines than a well-planned European Cruise trip to see all the best in food, music, entertainment, and history that Europe has in store for visitors from around the globe. When it comes to planning your cruise trip, one of the most challenging things to do is to figure out what to pack for the trip and what to leave behind. This handy guide is designed to make this decision easier for you and allow you to pack all the essentials you will need to fully enjoy your cruise trip in peace. Keep reading to find out more!


It is always a good idea to bring a handy backpack with you on any trip, and these trips are no different. Your backpack will hold all your essentials, including your necessary travel documents, sunscreen, medication, eyewear (spectacles/sunglasses), chargers, adapters, essential medications, etc. A backpack is the best travel accessory you can take with you for exploring Europe since it allows you to have easy access to the stuff you need the most.

Travel Documents

You should always keep multiple copies of essential travel documents with you, including your passport, visa, cruise tickets, and more. Keeping some copies in your backpack as you explore Europe on walking/guided tours is a good way to safeguard your interests and be well-prepared for any unfortunate surprises during the journey.


It is a good idea to pack light clothes with some jackets and comfortable sweaters to make sure you are prepared for any kind of weather. Although you might expect it to be always sunny, the weather throughout a cruise trip, such as European cruises from Authentic Voyages, can fluctuate significantly. You should pack some swimwear just in case since most cruise vessels have onboard swimming pools.


There is nothing better than a comfortable pair of shoes to take with you on a European river cruise. Whether it is high-end or budget footwear, you should get a pair that will let you walk comfortably for long distances. Most exploration trips on these river cruise itineraries are on foot, which means that a sturdy but comfortable pair of walking shoes will infinitely make your life easier on the trip.

Travel Accessories

You should also pack travel accessories like charging adapters, collapsible umbrellas, raincoats, sunglasses, hats/caps, gloves, etc. While these accessories are completely optional, having them with you will not only help you when you need them on the journey but also help you save money since you will not have to purchase them at high prices from different European locations. Some more travel accessories that can help make your vacation experience better include handheld cameras to photograph all your memories and essential cosmetics like sunscreen that can help save you from potential sunburns throughout the trip.

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