Recently helicopter travels and tours have increasingly become popular around the world. Helicopters are versatile flying machines that facilitate fast travel, and with recent technology advances, they are getting more comfortable for the passengers. The flexibility of helicopters in terms of flying low and landing allows travelers to enjoy scenic air travel.

Since they hold a small number of passengers, the tours are more private and personal as the travelers can chat with the pilot. All you need to enjoy a helicopter scenic air tour is hire one, and a pilot who holds a commercial pilot license flies you around. Here are the advantages of a scenic air tour.

Get a VIP treatment

The beauty of going for a scenic air tour is that you can enjoy a VIP treatment. You get to avoid the long security lines associated with commercial airline flights, and private handlers will assist you with your luggage. Private flights are usually situated away from the commercial airline terminals, and you also get to enjoy luxurious amenities like a private concierge.

Tour more places

Another great advantage of flying with a helicopter or private jet is that it is not restricted to landing in an airport. It doesn’t need a runway, so it can land anywhere, even in remote locations such as on beaches, campsites, backyards, parking lots, mountain tops, and yatches. A helicopter scenic tour is the best way to visit and see sights and attractions that are hard to get to, such as waterfalls and rock formations. You can land in a secluded and remote place to enjoy your vacation privately.

An exhilarating experience

Many people who have flown in a helicopter report a thrilling experience that gets the adrenaline rushing. Many scenic tours involve helicopters without any doors, which enhances the thrill. What is even more exciting is the picturesque view you get to enjoy aboard the helicopter.


A helicopter is limited to a small number of passengers; therefore, you get to enjoy a private and personal tour. The pilot gives commentary, and passengers are allowed to ask questions and chat with them. You can enjoy a scenic air tour with your loved one to make a memorable vacation experience.

More sightseeing

Helicopters have large windows that allow you to enjoy a breathtaking view from up there. It is literary the best sightseeing ever. It is best to carry a camera to take magnificent pictures of aerial views of the landscape below you as you head to your destination. Apart from panorama windows for sightseeing, passengers also receive communication headphones to facilitate communication with each other and the pilot.

Fly low

Unlike a fixed-wing aircraft, a helicopter can fly low, allowing the passengers to enjoy a scenic view. You can witness a lot of unique panoramic angles while up there. Can you imagine flying between mountains and waterfalls? You can see more wildlife and enjoy a detailed view of the landscape, enjoying an unmatched experience.

Arrive in style

Flying in a helicopter is the absolute way to get to your destination in style. Unlike before when helicopters were reserved for the famous and rich, more operators have opened opportunities for average travelers through helicopter rentals.

The final words

The next time you plan a vacation, throw in a scenic helicopter tour in your budget to enjoy sightseeing like no other.

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