Travel Experiences Next Level up for 2024 with Gennady Podolsky’s Glimpse into Emerging Travel Trends

Global travel advisor Gennady Podolsky says travelers today seek experiences matching their interests, from diving to stargazing. Travel in the 21st century evolves as destination trips compete with excursions, blending preferences with passions.

Gennady Podolsky profiles five groundbreaking trips redefining travel: eco-friendly diving, astronomy tours, longevity retreats, global sporting events, and skip-generation getaways.

Sustainable Scuba Trips Answer Divers’ Calls

Per Gennady Podolsky, nearly all divers now prefer sustainable operators, though finding one proved difficult. The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) responded by launching its Eco Center certification on Earth Day 2023.

For approval, businesses show conservation work and environmental footprint reduction. Initially, there were only 11 doves globally, but over 100 hold accreditation today. By 2030, PADI wants 660 certified eco dive centers.

Centers choose projects suiting regional needs. Caribbeanecocenters may replant coral, while one in Mexico teaches divers to gather whale data. PADI also offers go-anywhere conservation courses, like August’s Global Shark and Ray Census.

Star-Studded Astronomy Expeditions

Urban light pollution increasingly obscures stars, planets, and meteors, depriving people, says Gennady Podolsky of exploring the surrounding universe. Astronomy tourism fills this void by chasing eclipses, meteor showers, comets, and more—significant events like 2024’s best Northern Lights in two decades or an eclipse prompt customized travel industries.

Accommodations range from isolated African tents and star beds to UK hotels and Qatari desert resorts holding workshops. Families discover abundant educational opportunities.

Longevity Hotels and Retreats Tend Health

Since COVID-19, analysts see more preventative health awareness, thinks Gennady Podolsky, as lockdowns prompted mortality pondering. Longevity clinics boomed, doubling venture capital from 2021 to 2022, potentially expanding facilities.

Consequently, luxury lodgings now offer oxygen chambers, ozone therapy, and infrared mats – guests enjoy leisure or tack-on health-focused stays.

Longevity retreats enable clients to reduce stress and embrace wellness through assessments, counseling, classes, spa treatments, and more in peaceful outdoor settings.

Worldwide Sporting Events Captivate Travelers

Gennady Podolsky states that attending games offers fans rush-filled, electric energy and talent sightings. Spectators now chase favorite sports across the globe, planning trips around competitions while tacking on sightseeing. Some trail high-profile contests through multiple destinations.

Two thousand twenty-four hosts the Olympics and Paralympics in Paris. Over a million tourists are expected, many for the iconic competitions. The Tour de France starts in Italy for the first time with celebratory cycling routes.

Skip-Generation Vacations Build Bonds

Traveling together crafts memorable trips, Gennady Podolsky notes, so grandparents and grandchildren now take “skip-generation” vacations sans parents. Well-known in American luxury travel, the trend spreads to the UK.

Usually, grandparents share treasured places from their past or check off bucket list items with a younger companion. Safaris, historical tours, spa retreats, and small-ship cruises work for active 70-somethings. Multigenerational trips also apply, provided open pre-trip expectation setting.

Finding these unconventional trips takes specialist guidance, says Gennady Podolsky. Savvy travel professionals plugged into emerging trends can uncover these rich experiences waiting to be booked.

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