How To Vacation In Vegas On A Budget

Las Vegas, Nevada, is one of America’s most popular cities worldwide, as more than 6 million people visit the every year. People go for all sorts of reasons; Vegas is a top honeymoon destination, a place for gaming and casinos, and a city steeped in history for those seeking a bit of culture. However, a trip to Vegas does have its pitfalls.

If you’re heading to the West Coast city blind, it can be really easy to spend a lot of money as there are tons of attractions to catch your eye. Booking luxury hotels with extravagant amenities, hosting a private party on a bus while you bar crawl, putting some money on the line at a high-stakes poker table, and spending a meal or three at an actual 5-star restaurant; things can quickly add up.

What if we told you that you could do Sin City on a budget and still have a high-quality time? That’s what this article is all about.

Fremont Street Experience

There’s always this common misconception that one can’t even survive in Las Vegas without being fully loaded in the wallet. However, there are plenty of locations that provide a wide range of entertainment at a low cost, and Fremont Street is a prime locale for this. Some establishments on the street are open for 24 hours, including some casinos, if you want to get your poker on. Other activities include the free light shows that go on sometimes until 2 in the morning if you’re looking for something more artistic. Lastly, if you keep your eyes and ears open, there are usually tons of free shows and concerts going on for all kinds of genres.

Red Rock Canyon

We get it when you go to Las Vegas, you’re trying to party, but Vegas isn’t just Sin City; there are a number of parks and an entire outdoors to explore in Vegas too. There’s always time to visit a national park while on vacation, and Red Rock Canyon is a perfect place to make a stop. Red Rock Canyon is one of the best things to do in Las Vegas once you’ve folded at the poker table. Hiking, going for walks, manual rock climbing, and even hitting the Visitor Centre so you can learn all about the history of the Red Rock Canyon. It’s one of the more unique national parks in the US.

Bellagio Fountains

Las Vegas has so many visual and aesthetic spectacles to marvel at, and one of those attractions is the beautiful Bellagio Fountains. Some consider the Bellagio Fountains to be an extremely romantic location that couples visit all year round. The fountains are actually synchronised to certain songs like Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, Bruno Mars Uptown Funk and a compilation of 28 different songs across all kinds of genres.

Cheaper Casinos

When we think about Las Vegas, one of the first things that come to mind is gambling, with lots of money at stake. That might be around the high roller table at the Aria or on the Bellagio’s roulette wheels. However, you don’t have to take a full plunge into the depths of high-stakes games if you don’t want to. There are plenty of popular casinos that require bets as low as $10. This way, you can play numerous hands without breaking the bank; even the top casinos facilitate budget visits. Both Caesar’s and Planet Hollywood have low-stakes games you can play and still potentially walk out with a profit.

Pinball Hall of Fame

A bit on the unorthodox side of things, but the controversial Pinball Hall of Fame has a $0 entry fee; you only have to pay to play on a machine which at most will be a quarter or two. With many arcades disappearing and most pinball being regulated to video games, this is a perfect chance to play a historic and popular form of entertainment. The Hall of Fame has over 150 tables to try out, including some of the first-built pinball tables. More importantly, it has some of the last pinball machines that were created in the late 2000s.

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