Visiting Eastern Townships: Your Guide To Bromont!

If you are in Quebec and want to experience the best of Eastern Townships, Bromont should be an easy pick. Busy all through the year, Bromont is known for its adventure activities and the famed resort called Ski Bromont. For those who want to enjoy randonnée en famille or just enjoy a lazy weekend, there is no dearth of things to explore here. In this guide, we are sharing all you need to know about coming to Bromont.

Coming to Bromont

Bromont is about an hour’s drive from Montreal, and you can easily rent a car. The drive is amazing, and once you are here, you will find the weather rather different from Montreal. Bromont is located at the foothills of Mount Brome, which is again in the southern part of Quebec. The town is known for its incredible views of the mountains and lakes, and Ski Bromont is among the best resorts in America that has lit trails and dozens of family activities.

Stay and hotels

Even if you don’t want to stay at Ski Bromont, you will still find amazing hotels in the area. In the winters, skiers and snowboarders from different parts of Canada come here for the trails, which are more than a hundred in number. You can also explore Bromont in summers and autumn, when the experience and weather are very different. We strongly suggest that you book your stay ahead of arrival, because this is rather a busy small town.

What to see and do?

Make sure that you take a hot tub or Scandinavian spa experience in Balnea. This is easily the best spa in Quebec located on the shores of a lake with incredible views. Balnea is famed for its saunas and pools, and you can expect to find some of the best food in town at their restaurant. Note that pandemic may have changed a few things, so ask in advance. Among other places, there is Le Musée du Chocolat, which is a must-visit for families and chocolate lovers. If you have the time, head to the Arterie Gallery, and between April and October, there is the Bromont Flea Market, great for picking souvenirs.

If you want to do something more exciting, rent a bike and go around the town. La Villageoise is a good trail to consider that connects with the Estriade Trail and Bromont. People here speak both French and English.

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